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3 benchmarking automated production lines for Industry 4.0

1. Mercedes-Benz car production line

Car companies generally use automated production lines. BMW has also been issued before. How is the level of Mercedes-Benz? There is truth in the video.


2. BMW crankshaft production line

The crankshaft is one of the most typical and important parts in the engine. Its function is to convert the gas pressure transmitted by the piston connecting rod into torque, which is used as power to output work, drive other working mechanisms, and drive the auxiliary equipment of the internal combustion engine to work.

This means severe acceleration and deceleration, with high bending deformation, high torque and vibration shock, resulting in very high and variable stresses. Such extreme stresses require careful design and calculation, selection of suitable materials, and batch processing.

These stresses are concentrated at the fillet radii between the bearing journals and the balancer webs and on the oil holes, so special attention is needed to machining these locations.

How the crankshaft works

(Check out a video that introduces BMW’s crankshaft production line, which is highly automated.)


3. Krones filling production line in Germany

The German Krones filling production line is designed for Perla Harghitei pearl ice spring natural mineral water. Such a production line looks cool. According to the data, the two high-speed filling production lines of the Jinmailang Beverage Phase 5 factory invested and constructed in 2016 were designed by Krones, and achieved a high production capacity of 1.7 million bottles per day.


According to public information, Reignwood Group, the manufacturer of Red Bull beverages in China, has installed at least 17 Krones can production lines, which shows the strength of Krones.

3 benchmarking automated production lines for Industry 4.0

At present, Krones has become a multinational group with plastic technology, filling and packaging technology, process technology, and material transportation technology. There are more than 40 branches all over the world. Among them, the branches in China are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taicang, Chengdu.

You must know that Krones built the factory in 1950. Similar to this period, there are many companies that built factories in our country. There are really few companies that can achieve such a large and professional business. This is where we need to reflect…

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